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Trustworthy, kind, authentic, and helpful in processing options. Knowledgeable in the process, helpful, and explaining with kindness. Thank you for all your help

– Felicia O.

Caring and respectable lawyer and staff. Highly recommend.

– Lynn N.

I've known Bill since 1992 when I first needed an attorney. Ever since then when I've needed an attorney for something, he's the first person I'd call. And if he was too busy with trials and such he'd refer me to someone he knows. Thanks Bill for always being there for me. I really appreciate you 🙏😊❤️

– Amy L.

Bill represented me after I was injured by a hit and run driver. I suffered a head injury and had problems with my memory and difficulty keeping track of my bills and records. His office was extremely helpful and made the difficult experience of a personal injury claim much less stressful. He was detailed and extremely knowledgeable while working on my behalf. I had a complex case with pre-existing conditions, and he guided me through the painstaking process of piecing together my entire medical history. He took care of all my issues, including insurance claims, wage loss and medical bills, which allowed me to take care of my family and focus on my recovery. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and I highly recommend Bill for personal injury law services.

– Mike T.

In 2019, I was seriously hurt in an incident involving a dog. My heartfelt thanks to Bill for his excellent representation on my behalf. His timely and professional pursuit of my legal interests resulted in an outstanding settlement of my claim.

– Histin K

Bill has all of the skills and expertise that I would expect of a top legal practitioner with many years in the business. He is smart, articulate, precise and he effectively and efficiently gets results.

What makes Bill unique and rare is the combination of his wisdom, his insight, his empathy and his integrity!

Add to all of that a very engaging personality, a delightful sense of humor and a very decent human, and you have a professional who leaves you feeling understood and secure in circumstances where there is financial and emotional risk and uncertainty.

– Steve H.

I want to express my very deep appreciation for Bill's work on my personal injury case.

I have been practicing law a long (long) time, but never had occasion to hire my own attorney.

When trouble in the form of a texting driver befell me, I scanned the yellow pages, TV ads and billboards, searching among the hundreds of attorneys I have seen over these many years.

He, quite honestly, was the first lawyer I thought to call; and I am glad I did.

I think his strategy for maximizing my settlement worked great.

I am quite happy that: i) I chose Bill as my attorney; and ii) that he did such a good job on my case.

– Mark G.

We just want to thank Bill so much for all of his hard work, guidance, knowledge and caring that got [client] to this point [in his civil commitment proceeding]. We could never have done it without him and he will never know how much it means to our family to have him getting the help clients need and deserve.

We will be very involved in [client's] care plan and treatment and it's a comfort to know that we have Bill to contact.

– The K. Family

I cannot say enough great things about Bill and his firm. My adult daughter was hopelessly lost in the mental health system in MN. She was not being properly cared for and the state was in the process of appointing a "guardian." I am absolutely convinced had Bill not helped me that my daughter would have spent the rest of her life in mental hospitals under the guidance of a state-appointed guardian. Bill was able to get her released from "civil commitment" and I was made her guardian. My daughter is now home with me and has a much brighter future than she had living in mental hospitals under the state's guidance. I can't thank Bill enough for what he has done for me. I am so grateful that I had him helping me with this most difficult time of my life. Bill was absolutely amazing in trial, very well prepared and he knows mental health law. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a positive outcome and he kept me up to date on all issues. I would not hesitate to call upon him again. Outstanding law firm and a real pleasure to work with!

– Bill M.

A drunk driver brought great tragedy, fear and destruction to my family. Our son was critically injured in a car crash. He lay unconscious for weeks. His recovery is now on track. His spirit is strong because of the support of family and friends. Bill is counted among our son's friends. In the early days of this tragedy, we retained Bill and he provided his expertise, help and support. Our focus was on our son and his recovery. Bill and his legal assistants did everything to help ensure that our son would have every chance to continue on with as much normalcy as possible. Bill communicates, advocates and is a man of his word. He does his best to do everything he says. My family appreciates his dedication, integrity and honesty. Our family is recovering with the support of all of our son's friends. Bill and his staff are an integral part of that support.

– Chris M.

I suffered from a mental illness prior to an injury to my eyes that occurred when I was in jail for a misdemeanor. I hired Bill to represent me in a claim against Hennepin County for its failure to provide me with adequate care. Bill helped me work on a settlement and on the financial details that will take care of me for many years. This will let me focus on my healing. I have been very happy to have him as my lawyer because he cared about me. I would strongly recommend him to others.

– Michael S.

Bill and all of the staff provided our family outstanding legal representation following my injury resulting from an automobile accident. Bill met with me immediately following surgery to provide counsel and guidance. He expertly handled the complex medical, insurance and legal details related to the injury, allowing me to focus on my recovery and healing. He provided support in a thoughtful, caring, dedicated and extremely thorough manner. At all times, his focus was on what best served my recovery and me. Having Bill on my side was essential to my recovery and successful settlement from this accident.

– Judi R.

One thing (of many) that I was so impressed with was the speed and detail with which every single one of my many emails was answered by Bill and his team. I felt being in excellent hands, taken care of and represented really well throughout the entire process. Bill's positive thinking and sense of humor helped a lot, too!

– Henning S.

Bill and his team are amazing! I wasn't just a client, I felt like family. He made my case worry-free. He included me in every decision and fought HARD for my rights with outstanding results. He explained and made sure I understood every step. It is without a doubt that he has become a part of my life for any legal needs that I might encounter. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill for legal assistance. You won't regret it.

– Sherenia G.