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"I've worked with Ryan Anderson and the legal team at Lubov Anderson on several occasions. True fact is, divorce and post-divorce decree matters can be stressful and time-consuming for all parties involved. I call on Ryan and his team when there is a post-divorce decree issue, big or small, that is questionable to me and needing legal expertise to help navigate.  Ryan and his team work diligently to get things done in a timely manner and definitely help make the process go as smoothly as possible. They handle each matter very professionally and respectfully for all parties involved.  He creatively helps his clients see the big picture and from many different angles and perspectives; breaking down information and content to help clarify and understand the situation and steps involved moving forward.  Ryan is very knowledgeable and experienced in his area of practice and in the laws.  I trust his guidance and expertise and will continue to call on Ryan and his team for any future inquiries.  I highly recommend Lubov Anderson for family law legal needs.  We need more lawyers like Ryan in family law!"

 - Megan B. 


I hired Bill to assist me as I navigated my way through Minnesota's mental health system.  It was a tremendous change to have an honest advocate whom I could trust completely.

More knowledgeable than literally anyone else you will encouter, Bill "wrote the book" in an almost literal sense.  Easy-going nature, his quiet professionalism gave me tremendous faith.  I was rewarded with highly competent and effective representation and . . . most importantly, extremely valuable advice.  His staff was friendly, competent, and efficient.  My family all agree we were in excellent hands.  In a system where trust is rare, and competency is rarer, Bill Lubov is a true diamond in the rough.

Don't hesitate.  If you need help, he's your man.

- Doug


"Ryan, thank you for all your time and efforts.  I want you to know that I really understood you were trying to save me from making a bad decision.  I guess I'm telling you this because I want you to know that you are appreciated and I heard everything you said.  Thank you.



"Ryan, with things now official, I'm hoping (and praying) for a smooth transition to the next phase of co-parenting.  If anything comes up or I have questions, I will let you know.  Thank you much for your guidance and support throughout the entire process.  Your direction and honest feedback helped ease the pain of an otherwise difficult and trying experience.  Enjoy your week and perhaps I'll see you (and [referral source]) under non-legal circumstances.




"Dear Bill,

I wanted to express my very deep appreciation for your work on my personal injury case.

I have been practicing law a long (long) time, but never had occasion to hire my own attorney.

When trouble in the form of a texting driver befell me, I scanned the yellow pages, TV ads and billboards, searching among the hundreds of attorneys I have seen over these many years.

You, quite honestly, were the first lawyer I thought to call; and I am glad I did.

I think your strategy for maximizing my settlement worked great.

I am quite happy that:  i) I chose you as my attorney; and ii) that you did such a good job on my case.


Mark G."


"Wow, I can't believe it's over.  Whew . . . getting divorced is like having surgery with no anathesia.  That said, you [Ryan] were amazing.  Thanks for your support and advice.  I enjoyed our time working together."

- Michelle L.



We just want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, guidance, knowledge and caring that got [client] to this point [in his civil commitment proceeding].  We could never have done it without you and you will never know how much it means to our famly to have him getting the help he so needs and deserves.

We will be very involved in [client's] care plan and treatment and it's a comfort to know that we have you to contact.

-- The K. Family


"I cannot say enough great things about William Lubov and his law firm.  My adult daughter was hopelessly lost in the mental health system in MN.  She was not being properly cared for and the state was in the process of appointing a "guardian."  I am absolutely convinced had Mr. Lubov not helped me that my duaghter would have spent the rest of her life in mental hospitals under the guidance of a state-appointed guardian.  Mr. Lubov was able to get her released from "civil commitment" and I was made her guardian.  My daughter is now home with me and has a much brighter future than she had living in mental hospitals under the state's guidance.  I can't thank Mr. Lubov enough for what you have done for me.  I am so grateful that I had you helping me with this most difficult time of my life.  Mr. Lubov was absolutely amazing in trial, very well prepared and he knows mental health law.  Mr. Lubov went above and beyond to ensure we had a positive outcome and he kept me up to date on all issues.  I would not heistate to call upon him again.  Outstanding law firm and a real pleasure to work with!"

- Bill M.


"I just wanted to send you [Ryan] a quick note and thank you for doing such an incredible job [in Court] today.  Through this whole process you have been so confident and have made me feel so good about my decisions and that I am doing the right thing.  There have been many times I just wanted to give up and just keep living the way I am, but thanks to you for guiding me in the right direction and keeping me on track.  I know I have told you before but I'm so fortunate that [former client] referred me to you.  Thanks again, Ryan, for all your hard work."

- B.B. (family law client) 


Thank you all so much. You have helped my family more than you will ever know. 


Family Law Client, 2014

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"Bill Lubov, Christina Moe and all of the Lubov & Associates staff provided our family outstanding legal representation following my injury resulting from an automobile accident.  Bill met with me immediately following surgery to provide counsel and guidance.  He and Christina expertly handled the complex medical, insurance and legal details related to the injury, allowing me to focus on my recovery and healing.  They provided support in a thoughtful, caring, dedicated and extremely thorough manner.  At all times, their focus was on what best served my recovery and me.  Having Lubov & Associates on my side was essential to my ...

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