I want to express my very deep appreciation for Bill's work on my personal injury case.

I have been practicing law a long (long) time, but never had occasion to hire my own attorney.

When trouble in the form of a texting driver befell me, I scanned the yellow pages, TV ads and billboards, searching among the hundreds of attorneys I have seen over these many years.

He, quite honestly, was the first lawyer I thought to call; and I am glad I did.

I think his strategy for maximizing my settlement worked great.

I am quite happy that: i) I chose Bill as my attorney; and ii) that he did such a good job on my case.

Bill has all of the skills and expertise that I would expect of a top legal practitioner with many years in the business. He is smart, articulate, precise and he effectively and efficiently gets results. What makes Bill unique and rare is the combina…
– Steve H.

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