A drunk driver brought great tragedy, fear and destruction to my family. Our son was critically injured in a car crash. He lay unconscious for weeks. His recovery is now on track. His spirit is strong because of the support of family and friends. Bill is counted among our son's friends. In the early days of this tragedy, we retained Bill and he provided his expertise, help and support. Our focus was on our son and his recovery. Bill and his legal assistants did everything to help ensure that our son would have every chance to continue on with as much normalcy as possible. Bill communicates, advocates and is a man of his word. He does his best to do everything he says. My family appreciates his dedication, integrity and honesty. Our family is recovering with the support of all of our son's friends. Bill and his staff are an integral part of that support.

You will never know how much it means to our family to have [client] getting the help he so needs and deserves. [Civil commitment proceeding.]
– The K. Family

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