Why Choose Lubov Law

Extensive Experience

Bill has been a lawyer for over 48 years. He has the knowledge and expertise to resolve complex legal issues and has experience handling a wide array of cases. His experience in the areas of civil commitment and mental health law has helped him to develop an integrated approach that addresses the mental and emotional challenges that often accompany legal problems.

Effective Communication

I keep my clients informed as to the progress of their case, and I provide my clients with the attention that their situation deserves.

Personal Service & Detail-Oriented

Every aspect of your case is important to me and is handled with personal care and attention to detail. My approach to the practice of law reflects a recognition of and respect for the individual needs of each of my clients.

Educating Clients

With sound knowledge and a thorough understanding of legal principles, I educate and counsel clients on important matters in their case, explaining complex areas of law in terms that clients can easily understand. I keep clients informed and involved in the decision-making process, expecting them to be active participants in fashioning a solution to their legal challenge.

In 2019, I was seriously hurt in an incident involving a dog. My heartfelt thanks to Bill for his excellent representation on my behalf. His timely and professional pursuit of my legal interests resulted in an outstanding settlement of my claim.
– Histin K

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